Mobile Car Washing and Doing Business with Regional Rent-A-Car Companies

If you run a mobile auto detailing business or a mobile car wash business you may wish to consider doing business with regional car rental agencies. You see, typically the larger corporate rent-a-car type corporations may not be so easy for you to get as customers if you’re a small independent mobile car wash firm.

However, many regional Rent-A-Car companies and agencies do in fact make sense as clients. Also normally they do not require as much paperwork or insurance liability limits and this makes them excellent target customers. Now then, let’s take a look at one regional car rental company to understand the dynamics and how these companies operate; Doing Business with ACE Rent-A-Car

ACE Rent-A-Car is relatively new compared to the others discussed in this report. They currently operate in 15 states in the US and also in Athens Greece. Most of their lots have between 30-50 cars there at any one time and rotate about 300 cars Limousine Rental Houston . They occasionally sell cars at the rental lots with a giant sticker on the window, but sometimes they ship them to the nearest auto auction. ACE needs washing services on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Typically you will wash anywhere from 10-15 cars. Their largest office is in Las Vegas.

We recommend charging them a minimum of five cars to show up and $6.00 per car wash and vacuum. For detailing charge them $ 75.00. They keep their cars longer than most rental companies. Their cars will have over 40,000 miles on them at the time of sale, so they will need extra attention. Do not ever buy one of their rent-a-cars, they are shot, as they get every last drop out of them. You may wish to consider this if you wish to expand your mobile car wash business in 2006.


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