Redefining Destination Photography

Do you live in a location that thousand or even millions of people visit annually for vacation or recreation? If your answer is yes, you probably live in great location for starting a destination photography business.

In the past, the definition of destination photography was: following a customer to the location of their choosing and shooting them there. There is a new buzz around destination photography which is being focused around seeking out travel destinations in your area and sourcing customers before they reach your destination. There is usually an attraction that brings a massive amount of visitors to almost every state in multiple locations every year. The key is positioning yourself in front of these customers in their vacation planning stage. Letting customers come to you rather than the other way around makes for a great way to generate income and is a trend on the rise in recent years Oahu family photographers.

This new photography business plan or model, of sourcing customers coming to a vacation destination is a relatively new concept in the realm of portrait photography marketing. Sourcing destination photography customers at a location has been done for years in the field of wedding photography, but for some reason overlooked for vacationing travelers. With the onset of the new digital photography revolution this is a great way of starting a home based photography business because of its low start up cost.

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